Past Six Months : Working Hard, Playing Hard, Planning Hard

It’s about six months, since I’m writting my blog. So long, until I can’t remember it. But for now, I could recall that I’m very stress about my project, my life, and my hosting (Hosting Open-mouthed smile, wtf is wrong with it). For my project, it’s end well, the team grow and become powerful. My own life, it’s going to be better, because my goal is becoming bigger than ever before. I want to conquer my own destiny, but now it’s not an utopia anymore, it’s a working goal that I really work very hard to achive it. I want to have a master degree in Information System. I want to be a super multi-trillioner. It become closer and closer. I work my ass off, day and night, taking part time and full time project in software engineering, but not stop learning and playing games. For my server, now my server is on Digital Ocean. I like their service very much. I could have a remote server for deploy and develop my own software, and also this blog Smile.

I also enjoying my university project with William, on . It’s a great project about stock data representation from LQ45. LQ45 is a group of stock that’s good and stable or could be considered a blue chip stock. My lecturer ask us to wrote a piece of program to make end user could see the data representation in simple ways, and also the dividen share each year. My role in this project is writting the model, for William, he wrote the view with my own framework! Yes! Since last year I began developing my own PHP framework, for helping my company, Easycode Indonesia for faster development but the version of the framework we could control ourself. It’s a good one, because when using other people framework, it takes a long time, and sometimes with a steep learning curve for a new comer, and it’s not good for business. That’s why I wrote a simple MVC framework, although it’s a closed source, but easycode Indonesia have migrate one by one it’s project to this framework, and it’s development growing so fast, even in a blink of an eye.

Another thing is I making a big decision this year. I bought the most expensive thing that I could by, an 1TB Samsung SSD 860 SATA EVO (with installment of course! I couldn’t aford that luxury too much). And it’s making my life more enjoyable with my old asus a43sv laptop. Now my development rig is i7-2670qm, 16gb DDR3L Cross air, 1tb SSD samsung 860 evo. I get a hugh performance boost, especially when running Ubuntu VM for development of PHP, but still I can’t run docker on Windows 7. I considering upgrading to windows 10, just it’s not a good option for now. Even with new SSD, it’s very heavy decision, because I’m already take it’s lifespan, by writting about 700GB on it. I can’t wrote more because it’ll take a toll on the SSD. I really hoe window 10 become stable and usable for developer like me.

Why I say this? I really hate when windows 10 problem rising and just taking time to fix it rather then working with the windows itself, it’s different with windows 7, it’s stable, it’s powerful and just simple to use, not like windows 10. I like a new windows, just it’s too much for me when it’s unstable and too much problem comes with it. Like deleting file without asking and just left out a empty My Documents folder. What the heck M$ is working on?

There’s another milestone that I achive. This November(2018), I speak on my first seminar, about team collabration using source control tools. I never expect it will atract soo much people, and the attendent rise from 20 people to 65 people. It’s a hugh breaktrough. I really happy about it. At least I have give back to the almamater where I get all new things by bringing new things to it.

Team Colaboration with Source Control

In the other hand, I learn a new web language and platform through cloud computing. I learn how to code on Google App Engine. Nowdays programmer and software developer use it for scaling the program without having headache about the server and the infrastructure, they just focus on developing the software Smile. It makes more power on our hand rather than dealing with the problem that’s about server and such.

Thanks for reading this. I just want to wrote it.

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