Windows Error 0x8007002c, Repair Install, phpDox, and Trello

It’s been a rough month for me, to be honest, I’ve planned many things but many of them done after the due date, it’s quite made me stress and feels want to sleep during the day to stop the pain inside my head. Last week I’m having a mid-term exam, it’s done and I hope I can get a good result from it. The bad part is, when on the last 2 days of exam, my laptop that have windows 7 ultimate in it, gone crash. The Windows Update is broken and Windows Feature gone blank. First I tried to Google it, and come across a blog post, from, I tried it, no luck. I tried anything that I could, like dism or sfc /scannow , it’s not working and it just make a long list of errors(error 0x8007002c) that said about broken registry and such, also I tried use sfcfix built by nimero from, no luck (a guy from ##windows channel, he give me 2 advice, one use sfcfix or repair  upgrade/repair install).


The Nightmare of Windows error produced by DISM and SFC

When I tried to fix it, it just going messing around and give my CPU high spike for nothing. I come across a thread on sevenforums before I met that guy from the ##windows channel on freenode, but I’m not sure about the result so I don’t try it, and that guy convince me that I could try that, if I have original copy Windows (and I’ve the original one, but it’s OEM from ASUS). At that time I swear if I couldn’t repair it, I really just … I don’t know how to say it, because my laptop is my primary development machine and I spend many hours to set it up, especially the linux sever that I have (Ubuntu, I’ve the windows sever, but when it crash, I delete it, also together with the XP, I feel not need it, so trash it and erase it from the hardisk), on the VMware, and the time to set it up is quite a lot. Another problem is ionic, nodejs, angularjs development, because I use specific version, and I have tried to install on another computer using newer version, it sucks alot, that’s why I want to keep it. And in the end, it I just repair install using sevenforums tips and trick. This’s the first time I know about it, and I feel grateful I don’t need to clean install the Windows, just using repair install, I’ve save a lot of time for reinstalling my environment on my laptop. I think this’s why people use Windows(I just guessing, maybe it’s true, because I never heard about linux could do the same thing, but seems it would but in theory it will use some weird command).


My Ubuntu 16.04 LTS Server on VMWare, work like charm after repair install

After I done the repair upgrade, I let Windows set up the environment like before and I just need to fix the VMware network driver for NAT and Host only network. It really great, my data everything like a new install, the only problem I download the whole Windows patch from the begining of the time, and it take a lot of bandwith but it works and now my system is up to date to the current Windows version for Windows 7. The problem when I start using the ISO of Windows to do the repair install, I update the installer and the installer isn’t compactible anymore with my OEM machine, causing problem. This problem fixed by not updating the installer, and go with it, and no connect to internet, just connect to internet when you need to activate the serial code from the OEM.


PHPDox output HTML

Another journey I got is yesterday and Today, setting up trello, bitbucket, phpDox and bla bla bla. It’s interesting each SaaS now is very powerful, especially trello. I like trello for organizing the work load from a company that I work on. It intergrated with many services, like slack, Bitbucket for versioning and attachment and anything else, it’s helpful for us that wanted a board but don’t have permanent Office, it’s like a board on the cloud with many power up Smile It’s great! The other is about phpDox, I really like it because one thing. It’s soo soo poweful! I could sit back and relax it create a documentation for my code. But first, it lacks documentation so I should Google it, and it sucks! I consider doxygen, but seems so hard to generate and the documentation isn’t friendly as like phpDox or phpDocumentator. So I stick with phpDox for now, for the other project, maybe I will think about it. Hehheehe…


Trello Board for Project Winking smile

So I think for past few months, I learn a lot, like manage my stress, and such.. It’s good and it’s better day by day. Another thing is I need to do my homework now.. So Thanks for read todays blog.. Hehehe… It just simple blog, I just want to write, so I write it down Smile .

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