M$, Termux, Nginx, Ubuntu Server, VMWare, ChromeOS : Computation become very-very insteresting

Last time, about 2 years ago, I dream about moving my entire computer to my ASUS Fonepad 8 Tablet because I like the way it works because it’s tiny 8 inch tablet that based on Intel Atom mobile processor and I want a very simple computer(Tablet is also considered as a Computer, it do compute anything ) to be arround me everytime(I event bought ezCast for cast a presentation from my tablet and that’s the only reason I bought my tablet). The only problem is my limited knowledge about the entire linux or *nix environment(Especially Bash, because when you introduced to windows environment, you will rarely touch the terminal I guess, only if you geeks or maybe a programmer then it is not applied to you then). That’s because my University use Windows all the time (That’s because the entire Indonesia industry use Windows and the university curriculum must support it , not all of them but mostly for PC and if server that would be linux or *nix), and It sucks. Even for now many people arround me use Windows 10 and I stuck with Windows 7, that’s because compatibility issue with my laptop overheating for nonsense because of the windows telemetry(and that’s how they invented WaaS to copy google also that’s the way make money by giving out windows for free <remember the free upgrade?> , but they really sucks) and M$ just fucking around with saying they support old laptop, but in the reality is they don’t[1,2] (Fuck M$!!). Last time I tried Ubuntu, I’ve no luck, because my laptop use dedicated Nvidia graphics for it’s graphics show or such and also it is overheating also .

I see many people use Windows and work between Windows environment because it just works, and they don’t care more or less for the things that work. For many years since Kaby Lake or whatever it’s, Intel based processor isn’t having so much improvement in term of computation, they just cutting of the power usage so the laptop or PC can use lower power. For people that playing heavy games, it might be a improvment, but for programmer like me, it’s not and it’s shouldn’t be a problem (Event I hope my laptop could run newest program and I also use VMWare for emulating the Ubuntu Server, I tried to learn manage a Linux Server and such), even Richard Stallman use old Thinkpad T400 laptop for do code. So my laptop that use i3 2330m later i5 sandy bridge 2430M(Upgrade it, because it feels so slow for taking many task, I like to open many windows and Tabs while browsing, my record is 80 tabs on Chrome, kompas.com, detik.com, facebook, twitter, and such.) wouldn’t be a problem, I even can play Just Cause 2 on it, hahaha…

So in term is my laptop absolute or not, then it’s not, even I want to have a new one, but I don’t want buy something that I don’t need. Back to move my workspace to Tablet, the only reason is my univesity use it, and that’s why I still stuck with windows laptop. I’ve tried everything for replace it, no luk.. it’s the way it’s like that. Then my Fonepad 8 only work for my main phone (The Tablet have phone capability, 1 bullet for many things, hehehe..), email, camera, maps, and news. Last year, I’ve tried termux, an isolated terminal on Android, and it’s very powerfull for programming. I tried use vim, irssi, git, python and gcc on it. It works. So it’s a piece of powerful software that could turn my android into a small PC for do code, but I never seen people could run  android sdk on it, maybe it’s because the storage. Many smartphone out there only have a 16gigs or 32gigs of memory on it’s hand. That’s could be a problem when handling the gradle, android sdk and ndk. But with such functionality, I think, I could start making a software on it. The main problem is, I still comfortable with windows laptops.. It sucks.. .

Other things that stop me work on my tablet is because I couldn’t debug the javascript code on it until sometimes I know my friends work on a project using android and logcat. Android logcat could show chrome console error, it’s so handy and I never know that I could print the chrome browser error on the console. So I tried it, and it works as it should, then this knowledge is powerful for me while working with js on android. Server isn’t a issue when I work on android and I bought the ksweb for android, but when I know nginx could run on termux, it makes me really mad :v. FYI, ksweb is full featured web server that could run on android with many capability and server option. This ksweb cause me to learn nginx. That’s why I learn ubuntu server too and run nginx on top of it. I choose ubuntu because many people use it, and ubuntu community is quite big enough and many well documented documentation that help me to learn manage ubuntu server.

When I know nginx could run on termux and could mount on port 80, it makes me mad that last time I bought ksweb.. hahaha.. but it’s been a years pass, so I think it’s very late.. So today I tried it and it works well. also the PHP and other things. With this handful of software, I think I could works on termux and my tablet. Back to windows and M$, they just a very big problem. I see they extend the free upgrade event until these year, and stop on 16 january 2018! I smell something here. It’s just very bad they push people towards un mature yet OS. Their handsfull of telemetry on windows 10 makes me sick! Really sick! It cause my laptop not working and very slow also hot. That time I decided to stay with my asus OEM OS Windows 7 ultimate. So my laptop stay faster and stable for many times.. Even now I don’t use any antivirus on it. hahaha..

About a weeks ago, I considering a chromeOS laptop, a great laptop I think, with only 32gb or 16gb SSD, it run fast, battery stay longer and secure. But the problem is the terminal. Ubuntu terminal is restricted. I’v seen people use ubuntu from crouton, but it’s a big problem when upgrading to new chromeOS and need reflash the image on it. Then I see that ARC is become stable on many chromebook, that also means termux is working well on it. It’s more secure because arc is officially supported and is available without developer mode on chromeOS. Developer mode on chromeOS is quite thrilling because it show a pop up that the OS is on developer mode and people could just accidentally wipe the chromeOS by pressing spacebar while boot. with termux available, the OS is stay on stable and no developer screen and space nightmare about wipe the entire partition.

So in the end I think learn to see new things is good, and it’s fun. I just want to keep up with many insane things that could be a great things to learn. From many experiene I got, for now I couldn’t spare my laptop, and I still work on my laptop, 2nd things is, I learn VMWare and Ubuntu, it’s handy I think. When the time comes, I think I will consider a linux laptop(ChromeOS Book?) rather than work with windows anymore.. Thanks for reading very random things from me, hehehe…

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