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Ah…. I would say, it’s better to see my laptop battery working like brand new. I just restored some old IDE and dependencies for about 4 days, also fixing my laptop feet. Yep, my asus A43SV ruber feet is gone, I lost it about 1 years ago, so the laptop will be slimmy on every surface, and my friend fell it while we have class at University. He pushed the chair and cause the laptop fell, because at that time it didn’t have the rubber feet, and to fix it, I use glue gun. The idea of the Glue gun come from youtube, and since I don’t have any money, so I choos that way. Now, my laptop have a very good ventilation below the laptop body, the hot air could pass so fast and my laptop doesn’t overheat anymore.

Asus A43SV New Feet with glue gun
My Asus A43SV with new feet

Back to the title, a while ago, my OS is broken so I need to fix it, so I factory reset it.It cause most of my environment and many IDE that intergrated in it deleted, so I need to reinstall it *too much I D and E, hehehe *. Anyway while restoring the most of my environment, I experiment a little with the web browser again.. The result is surprising. Why I can say it’s surprising? Because I set the Google Chrome back *I relay very bad on google chrome, because my phone primary browser is chrome, and everything is synced in one place*, and I see the placeboo effect and why Chrome suck much battery. Anddd ta da! I come across this article and surprisingly after I disabled the Chrome HW Acceleration, the battery usage become normal and rather lower than it should while HW Acc. disabled! I can’t imagine very old and same problem still occur until today!
Based on that article, GPU and CPU problem is while they passing something between, it cause the CPU use more cycle so the piece of thing that calculated(webpage rendering or such, in very basic way, it’s a mathematics calculation happen, if I’m not wrong) between CPU and GPU could be back into one piece or rather called compose into one result back and show it back in the browser. But the problem is, until today, I never visit such very CPU-hog website, exception for facebook, other else just read news, wikis, programming documentation or such, so I left it disabled for the good of the battery. Also I just come across Linus tech tips video test for the four browser, Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Opera. And the winner still Chrome. I dunno what kind of condition of the OS, the tweaks or such, but as far as my experience on Chrome until today, it will heat up the CPU for no reason until I know 2 days ago that Chrome with HW Acc. disabled could decrease the CPU cycle waste and that impact the watt usage that the CPU use.
With that discovery, now I can code and debug a little longer on my old laptop. Anyway I also ditching the Visual Studio Code and back to Notepad++. As refer to my last post, only for blinking a cursor, it will use 13% of my CPU cycle -_-. That’s pretty bad! So I stay back with NPP, and the new NPP support open folder as project, although not like VS Code that could just right clik on the folder, but I still could drag and drop the folder to my NPP workspace, and viola the folder and its content stay there so I could open it faster. I aslo fell it simpler, when you code something that doesn’t need a very great tools, then keep it simple and fast. Too much setting up could cause you never work and just messing arround with it.
Today I got called to setting up my macOS environment on VM, and I did. But the problem there’s something suck on it. The VRAM for the video card isn’t detected by the macOS and it cause very slow and slugish Guest OS. Yep, just to open the launcher, it’s very glitch. You know why, from 128mb VRAM, it only detect 3mb of it. So annoying! Because of it, I wait a while and search the internet before setting up the XCode, because I need XCode for do code and such.. It was fun, I fail about 3 until 4 times with various macOS version, the old OSX legacy like 10.9, 10.10, 10.8 and the last one is 10.12. I’m really happy at least my old laptop still could do some shoot on VM using virtual box. Even it’s old and use Core i3, it still can run and do good things. Hehehe..
I think that’s all. At least I learn again something new, and life must go on and try another new experience so we as human could be better one.

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