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I think, it’s been sooo long, I never touch this blog. Really. Yes really, also I even blog this post using old software, Windows Live Writer. Ha! You maybe never know it. It’s a product under windows essentials family, that used to write blog post or edit them, and support wide variety of blog service. I come back to this blog because when I tried to set it up with blogger, it fail about 10 times. It made me frustated, so I began to search for wordpress, but I forgot that I have an account on wordpress for a long time ago. Yeah, this blog, the blog that I never touch. First time I tried to register rw-win.wordpress.com but fail, so I close my laptop, and do other thing. Sleep…. hehehe.. Open-mouthed smile<— this even an old emoticon from windows live era.
I keep my machine, Asus A43SV as my primary machine, and the secondary is Asus Fonepad 8. Back to the topic of my post, I could say, I’m lucky I could factory reset my asus laptop with the original windows, because I realize, there’s something wrong with my winload.exe, cause I can’t even boot, so Just let it go my precious environment. When I factory reset my laptop, I realize that the battery consuming is very low, and I really wanted to know why it happened. I search the entire internet with many queries, using bing and google. (yes now bing is my default search engine, because I use IE 11 as primary browser). And I couldn’t find any clue about it, so I experiment with sort of software that I know use or suck many battery.

Top of the list is Chrome. I use chrome a lot for debugging purpose on javascript and jquery, but it seems I need to let it go. Because it suck battery around more than 10w just for idle without do anything. That’s why I use IE back, because seems it works well on windows 7. What can I do? It’s like people on old MacOS, they use safari to browse because it’s good on battery performance. I search again in the internet, and found that chrome use ticking clock more often than IE 1(I do research with some tools like hwinfo and the difference really shocking, even every people knows it). It cause the CPU overheat and also not good for battery.
Talk about CPU overheat and battery, my laptop use Li-Ion battery that hates heat, so I have no option but to use IE for everyday usage for browsing. I do a lot of browsing, but kind feel better when my battery last longer than it should. 3 months ago I failed to assemble an laptop battery, it sucks and burn a lot of money to do it, so I give up. The relation with the usage of web browser, okay let me think. Ah I remember. As Chrome use and suck so much battery, so at that time I consider to create a battery that could have more mah. I bought about 6 cell pack of LG DBMJxxx (I forgot what the xxx last number), but it’s expensive for me. It’s about 80k rupiahs or maybe $ 6.00 in USD, maybe seems cheap for US citizen, but in Indonesia, you could use it for more than 8x for lunch with drink Hot smileRolling on the floor laughingLaughing out loud. Yes it’s, and 6 cells isn’t very cheap, you could eat lunch for entire month!
So come in my mind to give up the laptop battery, and use the in built web browser for now. About the debbuging, I use firefox portable 32bit, because even IE x64 utilize 32 bit IE to run. MS say that it’s no use about x64 program. I can’t say anything to clarify that, but until today, my visual studio still 32 bit. Even last time I use Visual Studio Code, it still use 32 bit version.
Talk about VS Code, I also give up using it. I’m back using NPP for code, yeah the real code editor for me. I tried VIM, Emacs but still no luck. Last Yohanes Nugroho talk about native app that utilize HTML5 and JS on top of Webkit engine using electron engine. It have memory leaks and CPU leaks, just for cursor blink, it use 13% of laptop CPU 2 3. Yes it’s suck. Then I back using old NPP, it’s better but okay, I think that’s the main problem. Just the tools doesn’t fit with my old i3 laptop Crying face.
Now I’m happy that I can use my laptop longer on battery, even I run xampp with php and mysql server. It’s working well and still use small amount of electricity. So I use it often and no shit sucking battery app anymore.. heheehe.. Anyway. keep random post Smile with tongue out

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