How to Change Outlook 2016/2019/365 Desktop Calendar Download Interval

The Problem

So long story short, I’m quite frustrated with Mail & Calendar from Windows 10 UWP/WinUI. Why? Well, I’m running it on old 2nd gen Intel CPU, sandy bridge, and it’s just lag when I want to compose a new mail, and it will freeze about 2-3min until it’s ready, and it will happen only if I set my computer power profile to power safe, and if you stay from power plug, you will find that using power safe profile does save battery juice. I also have O365 subscription, which I paid yearly as family pack with several people because I can afford it, probably for 2 years already, but I never touch Outlook 365 that provided with the package. I remember when on power safe, I never encounter any lag/slowness on Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, so I think I give it a try.

The migration of all my e-mail account to Outlook 365 is successful, but I encounter one problem, I use Google Calendar as my daily planner on Phone, and on desktop using Mail & Calendar. As I tried to migrate my calendar to Outlook 365 Calendar I face a wall. There are differences between Mail & Calendar Desktop vs Outlook 365. The differences are you can’t interact with any 3rd party calendar that don’t use MS Exchange without 3rd party tools, and it’s not built in directly into Outlook 365, long story short, you can’t touch Google Calendar. There’re several 3rd party tools such OGCS, CalDavSync, or even paid one GSyncIt. I have used OGCS in the past, but it spike CPU when syncing, so I dismiss the idea. I think other way around. As Outlook 365 support of subscribing iCalendar protocol, I can download my Google Calendar Private ICS regularly, you can read it here, as I won’t discuss the step. But it won’t sync faster than it should, and I hit another wall. I tried to search on the internet, no avail, everything point to old Outlook 2007 and 2010 way of handling calendar sync interval like this, this, this. Until I bump into advance settings also on this thread on SO.