Import Data MySQL menggunakan LOAD LOCAL INFILE

Seringkali dalam melakukan implementasi sebuah program, diperlukan sebuah inject data untuk mendapatkan data mula-mula baik dari program sebelum nya yang pernah dibuat maupun data pencatatan berupa file excel. Hal ini membuat sulit para pengembang ketika mau melakukan penarikan data awal ke dalam database. Begitu juga di tempat saya bekerja, terdapat client yang menggunakan database yang sudah tidak beredar di pasaran yaitu pervasive db, dan diperlukan penarikan data dari pervasive DB menuju database yang saya gunakan di server deploy/production di kantor, yaitu MySQL.

Data yang dapat di provide oleh vendor perusahaan lain yang bekerja sama dengan kantor kami hanya berupa csv data yang cukup banyak rows nya, dan kami memutuskan untuk melakukan pembuatan import tools untuk data tersebut, agar mudah untuk dimasukan ke dalam DB kami dengan cepat.

Switching from Free Hosting to VPS or Shared Hosting and Project Problem…

For a couple months, I really stuck with some problem in my head. I dive to server administration about half a year for now. It’s great (I’ve 2 Server, linux and windows on local computer inside VMWare), but the problem is when I want to host it to the cloud, I only have option to use my free hosting option.. I thinking about add on domain, which means I will have unlimited website and unlimited resources with just one single billing for it (Hostinger does a good job on it, and I appriciate that), but the problem lies inside it. I learn a lot about server administration and I think VPS will be better for it, having many resource especially when I need an blast mail service, it will work well if I use VPS, because the shared hosting limit email send about 100 mail/hours which if I use VPS, I don’t have that limitation, with my dedicated ip and dedicated things (also cheap arround 100k with web panel a month).  But in the other hand, It’s just too killer for me to pay such a service. For now my wage still small to cover it, even with that amount of money, I could buy 3 good meals for myself for a day. Maybe seems very cheap for you, but for me, it’s expensive.