More RAM and 2nd HDD on laptop, More Power Usage (Melepas RAM 8gb dan HDD 1TB)

2 tahun lalu, tepatnya tahun 2017, saya membeli HDD 1TB HGST, dan RAM 8GB 2 Stick Cross Air dan juga saya membeli sebuah CPU pengganti untuk i3-2330m bawaan laptop menjadi i7-2670qm. Tujuan saya simpel pada saat itu, hanya untuk memperpanjang umur dari Laptop saya ASUS A43SV sehingga dapat menjalankan program berat beberapa tahun kedepan. Laptop yang saya ini miliki belum rusak dan masih dapat digunakan dengan baik, hanya part yang sudah tidak dapat digunakan adalah baterai bawaan nya. Saya sudah mengganti baterainya beberapa kali dengan membeli baterai ke beberapa gerai yang menjual baterai OEM untuk A43SV, tetapi tidak ada satupun yang memenuhi kebutuhan saya, hanya dalam 1 jam baterainya sudah habis dari 100% ke 0%. Hal ini cukup mengganggu bagi saya. Di akhir tahun tersebut saya give up menggunakan baterai dan terus mencolok laptop ke powercord kemanapun saya pergi.

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Windows Error 0x8007002c, Repair Install, phpDox, and Trello

It’s been a rough month for me, to be honest, I’ve planned many things but many of them done after the due date, it’s quite made me stress and feels want to sleep during the day to stop the pain inside my head. Last week I’m having a mid-term exam, it’s done and I hope I can get a good result from it. The bad part is, when on the last 2 days of exam, my laptop that have windows 7 ultimate in it, gone crash. The Windows Update is broken and Windows Feature gone blank. First I tried to Google it, and come across a blog post, from, I tried it, no luck. I tried anything that I could, like dism or sfc /scannow , it’s not working and it just make a long list of errors(error 0x8007002c) that said about broken registry and such, also I tried use sfcfix built by nimero from, no luck (a guy from ##windows channel, he give me 2 advice, one use sfcfix or repair  upgrade/repair install).


The Nightmare of Windows error produced by DISM and SFC

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M$, Termux, Nginx, Ubuntu Server, VMWare, ChromeOS : Computation become very-very insteresting

Last time, about 2 years ago, I dream about moving my entire computer to my ASUS Fonepad 8 Tablet because I like the way it works because it’s tiny 8 inch tablet that based on Intel Atom mobile processor and I want a very simple computer(Tablet is also considered as a Computer, it do compute anything ) to be arround me everytime(I event bought ezCast for cast a presentation from my tablet and that’s the only reason I bought my tablet). The only problem is my limited knowledge about the entire linux or *nix environment(Especially Bash, because when you introduced to windows environment, you will rarely touch the terminal I guess, only if you geeks or maybe a programmer then it is not applied to you then). That’s because my University use Windows all the time (That’s because the entire Indonesia industry use Windows and the university curriculum must support it , not all of them but mostly for PC and if server that would be linux or *nix), and It sucks. Even for now many people arround me use Windows 10 and I stuck with Windows 7, that’s because compatibility issue with my laptop overheating for nonsense because of the windows telemetry(and that’s how they invented WaaS to copy google also that’s the way make money by giving out windows for free <remember the free upgrade?> , but they really sucks) and M$ just fucking around with saying they support old laptop, but in the reality is they don’t[1,2] (Fuck M$!!). Last time I tried Ubuntu, I’ve no luck, because my laptop use dedicated Nvidia graphics for it’s graphics show or such and also it is overheating also .

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