Perpindahan dari DigitalOcean ke Scaleway

Tidak terasa sudah 3 tahun saya menggunakan DigitalOcean sebagai provider di dalam menampung hobby project ataupun proyek produksi. Selama ini saya tidak mengalami banyak permasalahan yang signifikan, hingga selama setengah tahun terakhir sejak seluruh dunia terkena wabah virus corona. Koneksi saya ke Server Singapore sangatlah lambat, terutama jika dari ISP Telkom(Telkomsel, Indihome dll), sehingga saya kesulitan sekali mengkases VPS saya di DigitalOcean, terlebih lagi biaya server DigitalOcean naik karena terkena imbas volatile nya USD terhadap Rupiah.

USD to IDR 2 April 2020 (16k bok)
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Import Data MySQL menggunakan LOAD LOCAL INFILE

Seringkali dalam melakukan implementasi sebuah program, diperlukan sebuah inject data untuk mendapatkan data mula-mula baik dari program sebelum nya yang pernah dibuat maupun data pencatatan berupa file excel. Hal ini membuat sulit para pengembang ketika mau melakukan penarikan data awal ke dalam database. Begitu juga di tempat saya bekerja, terdapat client yang menggunakan database yang sudah tidak beredar di pasaran yaitu pervasive db, dan diperlukan penarikan data dari pervasive DB menuju database yang saya gunakan di server deploy/production di kantor, yaitu MySQL.

Data yang dapat di provide oleh vendor perusahaan lain yang bekerja sama dengan kantor kami hanya berupa csv data yang cukup banyak rows nya, dan kami memutuskan untuk melakukan pembuatan import tools untuk data tersebut, agar mudah untuk dimasukan ke dalam DB kami dengan cepat.

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2020 : New Year, New Resolution, and New Goals

Tahun 2019 menjadi tahun yang berat bagi saya pribadi. Pertama, saya berjuang untuk lulus dari Kampus saya, ISTTS, dengan tugas akhir yang sudah molor sejak bulan Oktober 2018 hingga Mei 2019, kedua saya berjuang untuk kantor saya bangun bersama kakak tingkat atas saya di jurusan SIB ISTTS dimana banyak proyek yang molor dan mengalami masalah teknis maupun manajemen di dalam perusahaan, yang ketiga adalah menjalani training RHCSA di Jakarta , dan terakhir adalah saya juga berjuang untuk hidup saya sendiri, karena pada masa-masa ini, saya mengalami titik rendah di dalam hidup saya.

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CentOS (Community ENTerprise Operating System)

Halo,kembali lagi dengan saya Benyamin.Hari ini saya akan menjelaskan bagaimana cara melakukan instalasi CENTOS(CEnterpise Operating System) pada komputer anda masing-masing. CENTOS adalah sebuah distribusi Linux, yang merupakan turunan dari RHEL(Red Hat Enterprise Linux), yang dibagikan secara gratis alias free,tetapitanpadukungankorporasi(dukungandari Red Hat)ketika ada masalah dengan CENTOS, melainkan melalui dukungan komunitas di atau pada IRC freenode room #centos.

Logo CentOS
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Move to Windows 10 and Moving to M$ World

Windows 10 –

Windows 10 is a great operating system, some for developer like me, with bunch new tools like natively support docker without having an help from Oracle Virtual Box like old days, with new fresh features, like emails, syncing between computer even the new clipboard can be sync between two computer simultaneously without any problems. But still privacy is a problem in it. Continue reading “Move to Windows 10 and Moving to M$ World”

Past Six Months : Working Hard, Playing Hard, Planning Hard

It’s about six months, since I’m writting my blog. So long, until I can’t remember it. But for now, I could recall that I’m very stress about my project, my life, and my hosting (Hosting Open-mouthed smile, wtf is wrong with it). For my project, it’s end well, the team grow and become powerful. My own life, it’s going to be better, because my goal is becoming bigger than ever before. I want to conquer my own destiny, but now it’s not an utopia anymore, it’s a working goal that I really work very hard to achive it. I want to have a master degree in Information System. I want to be a super multi-trillioner. It become closer and closer. I work my ass off, day and night, taking part time and full time project in software engineering, but not stop learning and playing games. For my server, now my server is on Digital Ocean. I like their service very much. I could have a remote server for deploy and develop my own software, and also this blog Smile.

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Switching from Free Hosting to VPS or Shared Hosting and Project Problem…

For a couple months, I really stuck with some problem in my head. I dive to server administration about half a year for now. It’s great (I’ve 2 Server, linux and windows on local computer inside VMWare), but the problem is when I want to host it to the cloud, I only have option to use my free hosting option.. I thinking about add on domain, which means I will have unlimited website and unlimited resources with just one single billing for it (Hostinger does a good job on it, and I appriciate that), but the problem lies inside it. I learn a lot about server administration and I think VPS will be better for it, having many resource especially when I need an blast mail service, it will work well if I use VPS, because the shared hosting limit email send about 100 mail/hours which if I use VPS, I don’t have that limitation, with my dedicated ip and dedicated things (also cheap arround 100k with web panel a month).  But in the other hand, It’s just too killer for me to pay such a service. For now my wage still small to cover it, even with that amount of money, I could buy 3 good meals for myself for a day. Maybe seems very cheap for you, but for me, it’s expensive.

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Windows Error 0x8007002c, Repair Install, phpDox, and Trello

It’s been a rough month for me, to be honest, I’ve planned many things but many of them done after the due date, it’s quite made me stress and feels want to sleep during the day to stop the pain inside my head. Last week I’m having a mid-term exam, it’s done and I hope I can get a good result from it. The bad part is, when on the last 2 days of exam, my laptop that have windows 7 ultimate in it, gone crash. The Windows Update is broken and Windows Feature gone blank. First I tried to Google it, and come across a blog post, from, I tried it, no luck. I tried anything that I could, like dism or sfc /scannow , it’s not working and it just make a long list of errors(error 0x8007002c) that said about broken registry and such, also I tried use sfcfix built by nimero from, no luck (a guy from ##windows channel, he give me 2 advice, one use sfcfix or repair  upgrade/repair install).


The Nightmare of Windows error produced by DISM and SFC

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M$, Termux, Nginx, Ubuntu Server, VMWare, ChromeOS : Computation become very-very insteresting

Last time, about 2 years ago, I dream about moving my entire computer to my ASUS Fonepad 8 Tablet because I like the way it works because it’s tiny 8 inch tablet that based on Intel Atom mobile processor and I want a very simple computer(Tablet is also considered as a Computer, it do compute anything ) to be arround me everytime(I event bought ezCast for cast a presentation from my tablet and that’s the only reason I bought my tablet). The only problem is my limited knowledge about the entire linux or *nix environment(Especially Bash, because when you introduced to windows environment, you will rarely touch the terminal I guess, only if you geeks or maybe a programmer then it is not applied to you then). That’s because my University use Windows all the time (That’s because the entire Indonesia industry use Windows and the university curriculum must support it , not all of them but mostly for PC and if server that would be linux or *nix), and It sucks. Even for now many people arround me use Windows 10 and I stuck with Windows 7, that’s because compatibility issue with my laptop overheating for nonsense because of the windows telemetry(and that’s how they invented WaaS to copy google also that’s the way make money by giving out windows for free <remember the free upgrade?> , but they really sucks) and M$ just fucking around with saying they support old laptop, but in the reality is they don’t[1,2] (Fuck M$!!). Last time I tried Ubuntu, I’ve no luck, because my laptop use dedicated Nvidia graphics for it’s graphics show or such and also it is overheating also .

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