Half 2021 in Nut Shell : Challenge

Well. I just want share some simple though from myself regards 2021, it’s a challenging year! Yeah Challenge always come with opportunities as well, just there’re a lot of quest that need to be done this year. I’m in 2 years teaching as University Lecturer while still pursuing my master degree at the same time. With this, I allocate most of my time in teaching and research, while industries inquiries are put aside, so theoretically I’ve lower income than it should, but at least I can survive for another year with stipend from LPDP(Indonesian Endowment Fund). That helps a lot.

Living as University Lecturer means you don’t have luxury of having a lot of money, even your take home payment lower than most people get normally. In Indonesia, University Lecturer are same par as Teacher, so generally they won’t get any minimum wage take home payment, well if it’s your dream, you won’t care about it so much. I’m dreaming teaching with Industrial experience brought to the class, but while pursuing my master degree, seems that is an impossible task to be done. Another challenge that come other than money problem, I got to design a new curriculum with other professor in my department where I work now. The time given really tight, and I finish it in hurry, and it doesn’t looks good, but I tried my best, well if I’m holding that class, then I will try to fix the curriculum once more and prepare more book, PPT slides, and other teaching material that help my student grow.

The second challenge I face is publish to reputable journal/conferences. I do research on System Dynamics that require a lot of knowledge to work with, and it’s quite stressing tbh, because I need to know the system very well, and it’s on macro level, which is very confusing in my field, transportation. Welp people will ask, “Why are you taking it?”. I take it because I want to grow, but it seems I need invest more time to make it works and read more journal also conference paper to help me understand the problem that I face in my research. Well I’m shocked because while I study on undergraduate course, I never do research seriously, so this lead to this problem I face now, especially this’s a new field for me to pursue on. I hope I can overcome this, and next year I graduate and holding my master degree proudly. Wish me luck!

Last thing is, I wan to announce, I stop supporting AMP in my site, because I don’t want people use non-standard web tag that destroy web, lead by Google. Also I seen a new catchy theme from WP, twenty twenty one, welp, I switch my blog theme from ramdev independence publisher to this default new themes, with small tweak make it white from light green, and it’s small, fast, and very usable for reading. I hope this announcement aid people while reading my side. On last not, Google motto is “don’t be evil”, well Google become one, why should I support them? Nah. Forgot it.

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  1. Wah, barusan saya liat blog ini udah ganti theme aja, pangling, Twenty Twenty One pula ?

    Salah satu theme favorit saya. Kalo di lingkungan WordPress.com termasuk tema yang paling ringan dan minim masalah (versi Pagespeed Insight). Sayangnya tema ini kalo judulnya pakai kata yang panjang (misal “menginspirasi”) jadinya kepotong.

    Komentar buat isi tulisan ini: ganbatte kudasai!

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