Backup ASUS A43SV Driver Download Link

Hello, this post will be in English, so don’t bother too much. This intended only as a backup Link for ASUS A43SV driver, which ASUS suddenly take down when migrating their site. The original link is I can’t access it since 2 weeks ago, I’m quite lucky to backup the driver. ASUS A43SV already reach 9-10 years old til this post is posted, but as I know for a machine the driver should be available for at least 15 years before taken down. I never seen other vendor like ASUS take down driver before it reach 15 years of its first launch. This’s really bother me, but as a consumer, I can’t argue much, since vendor like ASUS only support a device only for 4 years and they intend to make us change device(laptop, smartphone, even desktop, I dunno why) for each 4 years, beyond that they reject any device repair or such on service center level, at least in Indonesia. I could bring it to any local independent repair shop luckily and they say they still support it, so I’m quite lucky.

I don’t think this applied to other brand like Dell, HP, Lenovo/Thinkpad, or even Axioo or Zyrex (Local brand in Indonesia). So this post also a rant about how ASUS do apply other business standard that deviated from the industry standard. To the point. the link for the driver and BIOS backup is I just hope Google Drive also not put it down, and I hope it last for year to come. I still use A43SV for my daily driver, and it’s already 10 years now, still strong, could stand about 2 hours of usage which is okay, but less by today standard. Anyway I hope we could advocate any computer brand especially ASUS, about their business practice, please follow Industry standard, by providing 15 years of driver support and you can take it down beyond that, because nowdays laptop is still powerful enough for year to come!

I still develop heavy application using C#, Flutter, Ionic, or NodeJS on this A43SV even I run lastest Windows 20H2 without any hiccup til I wrote this post(and year to come), so as my point of view this laptop still capable at least 5 years more. What ASUS did really break my heart. Anyway for anyone seeing this, you could share it to anyone that need this driver too. I hope it help people that need A43SV drivers. Thank you.

Everything – File Indexer Ala locate Linux di Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10)

Sejak 1 tahun terakhir, saya mencari alternative dari windows indexer yang cepat seperti locate cli di Linux, dengan hanya memasukan nama file pada cli linux, maka kita sudah bisa mencari file dengan cepat, karena locate sudah memiliki database nama file beserta lokasinya di harddisk. Command untuk locate dengan mudah dapat dijalankan sebagai berikut :

$ locate *.py
$ locate *readme*

Tetapi di windows, untuk mencari file, kita hanya bisa menggunakan 2 cara, 1 melalui indexing seperti pada locate, atau mencari file secara manual. Saya sudah menggunakan windows indexing sejak windows 7, tetapi hasil pencarian file tidak akan secepat di linux dan memakan waktu, apalagi sejak menggunakan windows 10, lamban, dan hasil tidak langsung muncul ada delay 1-5s hingga result muncul. Sejak Windows 10, terdapat opsi untuk melakukan indexing ke seluruh hard disk, dan saya mencoba menggunakan nya, hasilnya cukup buruk lambat nya tidak bisa dikira, banyak file yang dicari tidak keluar, dan ketika pada kondisi laptop menggunakan baterai, CPU usage kadang meninggi tanpa alasan yang jelas, membuat umur baterai laptop hanya bisa 30% dari kapasitas aslinya. Catatan tambahan untuk masalah ini, saya sudah menggunakan SSD SATA paling bagus di kelas nya, SAMSUNG 860 EVO, random speed read nya cepat, dan patut diacungi jempol.