Restoring Old Environment also Create New On | Random Thoughts and Experience

Ah…. I would say, it’s better to see my laptop battery working like brand new. I just restored some old IDE and dependencies for about 4 days, also fixing my laptop feet. Yep, my asus A43SV ruber feet is gone, I lost it about 1 years ago, so the laptop will be slimmy on every surface, and my friend fell it while we have class at University. He pushed the chair and cause the laptop fell, because at that time it didn’t have the rubber feet, and to fix it, I use glue gun. The idea of the Glue gun come from youtube, and since I don’t have any money, so I choos that way. Now, my laptop have a very good ventilation below the laptop body, the hot air could pass so fast and my laptop doesn’t overheat anymore.

Asus A43SV New Feet with glue gun
My Asus A43SV with new feet

Random Write | Windows 7 and Old WordPress Blog

I think, it’s been sooo long, I never touch this blog. Really. Yes really, also I even blog this post using old software, Windows Live Writer. Ha! You maybe never know it. It’s a product under windows essentials family, that used to write blog post or edit them, and support wide variety of blog service. I come back to this blog because when I tried to set it up with blogger, it fail about 10 times. It made me frustated, so I began to search for wordpress, but I forgot that I have an account on wordpress for a long time ago. Yeah, this blog, the blog that I never touch. First time I tried to register but fail, so I close my laptop, and do other thing. Sleep…. hehehe.. Open-mouthed smile<— this even an old emoticon from windows live era.
I keep my machine, Asus A43SV as my primary machine, and the secondary is Asus Fonepad 8. Back to the topic of my post, I could say, I’m lucky I could factory reset my asus laptop with the original windows, because I realize, there’s something wrong with my winload.exe, cause I can’t even boot, so Just let it go my precious environment. When I factory reset my laptop, I realize that the battery consuming is very low, and I really wanted to know why it happened. I search the entire internet with many queries, using bing and google. (yes now bing is my default search engine, because I use IE 11 as primary browser). And I couldn’t find any clue about it, so I experiment with sort of software that I know use or suck many battery.